Forestry skills shortages offer opportunity for young people

Forestry skills shortages offer opportunity for young people

The forestry and arboriculture industry is currently going through mass skills shortages, leaving it in a difficult position to meet demand over coming years. According to The Institute of Chartered Forestry, critical shortages in forestry are also putting climate targets at risk.

Although the shortages are not good news for the industry, they do bring about their own opportunity and LJX Training is using this as a catalyst to encourage more people into forestry and arboriculture.

Co-partner of LJX Training, Daniel Kerr, comments:  "The current skills crises in forestry is worrying for industry leaders and the effect that it will have on climate change is concerning, especially with climate change being very much at the forefront of governments' agendas, following COP26. We hope to be able to try to plug this gap and see this as golden opportunity for young people to enter an industry that will welcome them with open arms.  Forestry offers long-term job security and an enjoyable and rewarding career ahead.  Not only are we encouraging the young to consider forestry, but also those looking to re-skill or change career.  I have enjoyed working in forestry and arboriculture all my life and I now want to share my knowledge and passion with the next generation, to help them appreciate the countryside too, and help preserve it.  Forestry offers them a passion for life, as well as a job for life."

Can't see the skills for the trees

Currently there is a national recruitment drive by governments to encourages more young people and career changes into training for careers that tackle the climate crisis.  LJX Training is supportive of the work the Institute of Chartered Forestry is doing to encourage more young people into forestry.  Find out more about its latest campaign by clicking here.

Not only does LJX Training offer critical skills training to enter forestry, but it also provides support with employment too.

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