LJX Training pledges support to Armed Forces veterans

LJX Training pledges support to armed forces veterans

LJX Training has pledged support to armed forces veterans by signing up to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.

Arboriculture and Forestry Training provider, LJX Training, is committed to encouraging as many people into the forestry and arboriculture as possible.  As well as supporting young people, we are keen to support those who are older and looking to change careers.  With many veterans leaving the forces, there is an opportunity to support our British Armed Forces, by offering veterans the opportunity to start a new career that will give them both security and enjoyment.

Our staff are fully committed to this pledge and, as a company, we promise to treat (served or serving) personnel from the Army, Royal Navy, or Royal Air Force, and their families, with fairness and respect.

LJX Training specialises in delivering training courses in the arboriculture and forestry industry. We provide additional support to help individuals with the transition, working with third-party support organisations, arboriculture companies, and forestry commissions, to seek job opportunities and career openings.

Our commitment is covered across all aspects of our company, including:

    • Promoting LJX Training as an Armed Forces-friendly organisation to all stakeholders
    • Supporting Armed Forces veterans with training and employment progression
    • Working with the Career Transition Partnership to encourage the employment of veterans, recognising military skills and qualifications
    • Granting paid and unpaid leave to employees who are members of the Reserve Forces, supporting training, mobilisations and deployment
    • Supporting events, such as Reserves Day, Armed Forces Day, the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance initiatives


Daniel Kerr, Partner at LJX Training, comments:

"We appreciate all that our forces have done for us over the years, and we are pleased to be in a position to give something back, by offering veterans an opportunity to train in an industry we love.  Forestry and arboriculture is facing skills shortages over the next few years, so it's a win:win for all and the industry can offer them an enjoyable and long-lasting career.  Our team is keen to help veterans make the transition by offering advice and support, and we are pleased to be working with different support partners to help veterans find the right training for them. We are looking forward to creating more opportunities for all."

For more information about the opportunities LJX Training has for Armed Forces personnel, please get in touch.

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